What Is The Best Time To Post On Twitter?

It’s overwhelming to cut through the noise and get more engagement on Twitter. One of the main factors that can help you get maximum clicks and maximum engagement is the best time to post on Twitter. Showing your content on Twitter while your audience is online is one of the greatest ways to boost your presence on Twitter.

Finding the best time to post on Twitter can be a tricky business.

We’ll go over the process of finding the best time to post on Twitter.

Why Posting on the Right Time Matters?

Because of the recent update in the Twitter algorithms, the chronological feed is back. This makes the timing of your posts more crucial than ever.

Now Twitter allows people to switch their feed from “top-ranked tweets” to “Latest post tweets” in one click. Twitter users see tweets as they are being posted. As the time passes, more recent tweets take the place on the top of the feed. That is why it is key to publish your tweet when the majority of your audience is online or schedule your tweets to be published at the right time.

So let’s see what is the best time to post on Twitter.

What is the best time to post on Twitter?

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Different businesses have different audiences, and so is their favorite and time for the content. Still, you can use the general best time to post on Twitter guidelines for your business:

  • 9 to 12 am is the best time to post during weekdays
  •  6 to 9 pm is also a good time to post on weekdays
  • Friday and Thursday are the best days of the week to post

Note – All the above times are in the PST

Key takeaways:

The best time to post on Twitter is when people are traveling to work in the early morning or winding up their workday and coming back home. 

  • Weekends are the least favorite days to post anything on Twitter. The majority of your audience will be out, socializing with the real world or spending time with their families. So it is important to schedule your posts for weekdays mostly.

The best time to post on Twitter for engagement

The best time to tweet for getting engagement:

  • tweets posted between 2 to 3 am receive the most engagement.
  • The least amount of engagement happens during the work hours i.e 9 to 5 pm.
  • The highest number of retweets and favorites happens between 8 pm and 11 pm.

The best times to generate engagement on twitter are quite inverse from the average most popular times.

  • Most interactions are happening on Twitter during the early morning or late in the evening. Users like to engage with social media after they wake up or right before they are going to sleep.
  • During workdays, people are too busy to look into their phones and engage with your brands’ content. So steer clear of the traditional work timings if you are looking for engagement.

The times that we discussed above are the best time to post on Twitter in general. However, the times can be different for your brand, so it’s best to test different times to find the best time to post on Twitter for your business. You can use UltimateSMM to schedule posts to be posted at different times. UltimateSMM allows users to semi-automate their social media by scheduling posts ahead of time, allowing to save a couple of hours every week. Sign up today to get a free 7-day trial to find the best posting times on LinkedIn for your business.